Better Leaders Wanted!

Are you an executive who wants to improve your leadership skills?

Do you want to get more from your team, organisation and yourself in 2017?

Then our leadership master class may be just what you need!

Better Leaders wanted…

Are you an executive who wants to improve your leadership skills? Do you want to get more from your team, organisation and yourself in 2017?

As a leader, it can be hard to find someone to talk to. There is no one to listen to the challenges you face and help you think things through. Suddenly all eyes are on you, and it can feel lonely at the top.

You want to get noticed, but you hate all the politics that go on. There is tension in some of your key relationships yet other people don’t have the same problem. Big decisions are looming and you want to breakthrough to the next level of performance that’s just beyond your reach. You have lots of options and ideas, yet you’re not sure what to do.

Imagine how much easier these decisions would be if you had a sounding board, a group of leaders to talk to, who understand what you are going through. People who will listen to your issues and help you find clarity from the confusion, all led by expert Leadership Coaches.

What if you could master leadership with a little bit of help? To be yourself but a bit better and get better results? How much more could you achieve if you upskilled your leadership?

At the heart of the Leadership Master Class are monthly two hour group coaching sessions.

There is no strict plan to follow. You get to drive the group and your own development – you are firmly in control. The group will focus on two main areas, which are proven to enhance leadership:

  • Leadership Behaviours. You will learn more about yourself as a leader, as the group helps shine a light on the blind spots you cannot see.
  • Exploration and Implementation. You explore your personal and professional challenges, listen to ideas and then choose the right option to implement. Your group is confidential, and you will build trust with these other leaders as you challenge and support each other to become better leaders.

With the expert advice of a leadership coach, you’ll build your leadership skills to the next level.

If you are struggling with options and going around in circles, if you want someone to talk to about the choices ahead, so you can make the right decision, then this group could be for you.

Fill in the form below and one of our experienced coaches will call you back to help you explore if this is the right opportunity for you to become the leader you know you could be.

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    Gain new insights and perspectives on an issue, from diverse leaders who have experience and backgrounds that will generate new insights and options

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    Develop new awareness about yourself as a leader, drawing on proven assessments that can give you new insights into what drives your behaviour

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    Explore the options available using your leadership group as a confidential sounding board who will help you to brainstorm the most effective option from the choices you face

Leadership Master Class Coaches


Leadership Advisor & Executive Coach


Leadership Advisor & Consultant


“I’ve been part of the Leadership Master Class for two years. It is a platform to reflect on how you are performing. It allows you to share and discuss challenges in a positive, constructive and confidential environment with like-minded people who face similar obstacles. Sharing, talking about leadership principles, discussing challenges, helped me to put things in perspective and solve my most pressing leadership challenges.”

Bert Ruytinx, Division Head, Covestro

“It was great to get an instant combined perspective from different angles. This environment has accelerated my learning and ability to clarify complex issues from different perspectives., I gained much more than I thought I would from Gerrit’s Leadership Master Class. I certainly feel that I am a better, more skilled leader as a result. ”

Ross Campbell, Director, Tesco Lotus

“Since joining a group coaching experience, I discovered that it offers benefits that are difficult to recreate in any other type of forum. The Mindful Reptiles Leadership Master Class helped me broaden my perspective, and build some important coaching and thinking muscles. The diversity of the group was extremely powerful to help me resolve issues at work. Ultimately, being around other like-minded individuals trying to raise their own personal bar is empowering and helps me to build positive momentum in my goals.”

John Chu, Senior Director, EPAM Systems

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